Bikini Bombshell knows how to get what she wants

Thanks for the links, I got an idea now. Script is below:You are in a bikini and flip flops as if you were tanning by the pool. You are speaking to all the foot fans, you say something like I know its summer time and girls are walking around with sandals and flip flops and nice pedicured toes. You tell your foot fans that they need not worry because you are here to take care of our urges. You flex a little in your flip flops, then you take them off and show us your wonderful wrinkly soles, toes, arches, a little virtual footjob. You tell us that if we take care of you $$, then you will take care of us. If you can end by sitting on your feet so that we can see your ass and feet together then you tell us to cum on your soles.