EnVIous and Catwoman sneak Attack Batman

EnVIous and Catwoman have plotted together and created a powerful light that will literally crumble Batman to the point of unconsciousness within seconds of exposure. They knew Batman would be leaving the gym and only half prepared for any problems that may come up. The trap is set and Batman believes he is breaking in on a Burglary when he opens the door he is blasted with BRIGHT PINK Light by EnVIous he fights he crumbles at her feet, she gives his head a kick with her green boots to make sure he is out cold. Catwoman and EnVIous pick up Casual Batman and get him cuffed to a chair before the torment begins, first they light a hand rolled cigar and begin blowing clouds of smoke into his pathetic mask, that's right Batboy smoke it up. He refuses but he is forced to inhale anyways when Catwoman presses her foot/paw further into his groan. Casual Batman struggles and mouths off getting him slapped, his hair pulled, and smothered by both woman with their brutal hand over mouth control. They taunt Batman with knowing that anyone that could have helped him have already been captured, in fact Commissioner Gordon is sucking and gagging on feet just one floor down!