Smothered by Goddess Brandon's Swamp Ass and Taint

You've been very bad, I made it perfectly clear that this house was to be spotless, not a hair, smudge or dust bunny to be found when I returned. Instead it appears you likely got lost sniffing my dirty panties and didn't finish one thing. I am furious, after a day out in the sun I wanted to come home and relax in my clean house instead I come home to filthy useless swine like yourself. This will not do for Goddess B, she loses her temper quickly and begins teasing you with her ample ass, popping out of the tiniest pair of jean shorts you've ever seen. My butt cheeks are tan and firm and your face is perfect for sitting and taking a load off while I stew in anger. I describe in graphic detail how smelly my taint, ass, and pussy are being out in this FL heat sure can cook up some nice Hildreth Swamp Ass!!!! Boy ohhhh boy do I have a sweaty ass ready to smother your pathetic face, maybe next time you'll step up to the plate and do things right...if there is even a next time at all.