Foot Slave Awakens for Goddess B's Divine Dirty Feet

Awwwwww don't you just look so sweet, sleeping soundly likely dreaming of a day when you are allowed to actually worship my feet, enjoy them sensually and make love to them with your mouth and dick...but that is simply a dream. When you are kicked and pushed awake by my pointy toes you quickly realize your life is an absolute nightmare, from the time you open your eyes until you allowed to go to sleep you serve my feet as my personal foot slave. Your life consist of licking my dirty soles, gagging on my toes and cleaning them properly multiple times a day, you eat your food from my dirty feet, you drink the water they soak in. I remind you constantly how pathetic you are, how much I hate you and how I will own you forever!!!!!! Teasing you more and more you really want to blow don't you...what are you willing to do to make that nasty mess???? Open wide lets see how much you can take!