Goddess Brandon Bubble Gum and Mouth Fetish Fun

For the next 17 minutes you will be up close and personal with my pretty purple pout. I chew, chomp, and pop my bright pink gum. Pulling out long pieces and chomping them into my mouth, stretching out my gum with my tongue and prepping it to be perfectly firm for the ulitmate bubbles which is exactly what I blow. I blow HUGE bubbles with my large wad of gum, when I am not blowing huge bubbles and allowing them to pop in my face I am popping my gum louder and louder and seeing how many times I can do it in a row!? It's been so long since I've done a Bubble Gum request and I absolutely loved it!! I missed the smell, taste, and everything about chewing gum for mouth fans! If you have a Bubble Gum request email me now for A FREE clip request. Bubble Gum, Lipstick, Mouth Fetish Request for July are on Me!