Goddess Brandon Clips her long purple toenails

My toenails have gotten so long and I was not very satisfied with my last pedicure, you will need to PAY UP to fix this ASAP , until then I decide to trim them myself, your are sitting right on the floor with your chin rested against the cold wooden planks, I place my toes in your face, you can see my ample cheeks and tight pussy cramped inside my little cut off shorts in the background. I trim my toe nails nice and short just the way I like them, I gather my trimmings in a nice pile, picking different pieces up and showing them to you nice and close...stop drooling already. Finally I dig out any signs of an ingrown toenail, I can't deal with the uncomfortable pain as I use my feet to crush your souls. By the end you'll be begging to trim my toenails with your teeth!