It's Bed Time my Sleepy Stroker

All tucked into bed you're as snug as it gets, you've washed your face and hands, brushed your teeth and said your little prayers like a good b0y should, but we both know you can go to sleep yet, there is no way you could possible sleep with a sensual tease from me. You spend all day thinking about me you must finish your night with me too. As you lay in your Pj's I look absolutely smashing in my turquoise mini dress and heels, I'll be going out and spending your money of course. Drinking and having a blast with my girlfriends on your TRIBUTES while you get your rest for another long hard work day...but not before I take care of you. That's right relax, stroke your cock for me, very good now isn't that nice, I haven't got all night and you really must hurry I smoke a cigarette and insist you finish before I do or you don't finish at all.