EnVIous sneaks in on Catwoman and suff0cates her with her Hands

Evil Villianess EnVIous sneaks into Cat woman's Cat House...where she spies Catwoman enjoying herself a little Kitty bath, licking her leather suit with her long sexy tongue. She is so caught up in her personal time she doesn't hear or see EnVIous come in, who grabs her firmly from behind and starts her hand over mouth torture. She grips Catwoman harder and harder as her heels clack against the floor and she struggles for aiir. EnVIous mocks Catwoman and even ch0kes her with her LONG beautiful hair, her secret weapon!When the games are over, EnVIOus finishes the job...or so she thinks when she leaves Catwoman's helpless and limp body on her hard, cold cat bed!Have a request for the Beautiful Via and Goddess Brandon?! Email me now and lets make that fantasy a reality!