Made to serve as Goddess B's Wittle Clitty PayPig

IDEA:Katie, a halfway attractive divorcee (please don't call her fat & ugly), was my tenant. Instead of paying me the full rent she would often humiliate and beat me. A somewhat consensual and semi respectful BDSM relationship.  She's moved to another town now but perhaps would like to continue seeing/controlling me. You can call me "baby" in sarcastic affection. But now she has competition....YOU, her much younger (but now legal adult) friend. (actually I'm torn between you being her friend or s1ster...maybe just call her Katie and don't mention "friend" or "s1ster") Unlike her you have little sympathy or respect for any BDSM games, especially not for me. The scene that follows is you informing me of your decision to own me. I put in some starting dialog but surely you can expand on or change it as you wish. You're dang good at this stuff! Hey baby, thanks for coming. Don't sit in that chair, come kneel in front of me. Don't look so surprised, I know what you are. That's time I tell you to do something...don't hesitate like that.Seems to me that you've got some money, that's great but don't start thinking you're a winner. Look at me...(flaunt or mention your assets the way you do so well) I'm a winner. I'll tell you who else is a winner...that minimum wage poolboy who use to fuck your ex girlfriend's brains out while you were at work. You're in fair shape, you're not ugly, and you have money...take of your clothes so I can show you what makes you a loser. It's that worthless, tiny, soft dick of yours. (you can rank on the smallness and softness as much as you want).Look at me real good....I know you want to jerk it don't you? (make me say yes then make me beg to jerk it) I need you to fully understand and admit that you're a loser. (here you can rank on the size and softness issues as you please)Ask me and make me say "yes" to your questions do you have a micro dick?, is it soft and droopy?.... etc. Are you a loser? Look at me (showcase yourself and/or describe yourself). Not that you really have a choice but I want you to decide who's loser you're going to be. Me or Katie. She's not bad looking but age and gravity have done their work. Look at me, look at me real good. Am I not young, beautiful, and immune to gravity? Make me beg to be your loser. Make me promise to send you a gift card as soon as were done. Tell me that you'll give me a big kiss if I promise to send the gift card. Have me prove it by making a big mess with my little thing. At the end lean in like you're going to kiss me, then give me the finger and or the "L" sign with your thumb & finger. I don't kiss losers, now send me that card.